Renaissance Inspired

Dave’s Extract is a start up CBD company based out of Bushwick Brooklyn. They wanted to build a brand around two things: community and sustainability.

Keeping both of those ideas in mind, we went to work on logistics, project requirements, website, business cards and several other points of engagement to the consumer that spoke with the ethos of the brand and the community surrounding it.

Budget Optimization

We used 1oz Kraft finish heat sealed mylar ziplock bag (the owner wanted sustainable as the finish on these bags are recycled from cardboard).

With orders exceeding 10,000 units for custom printed runs, we worked closely with the Dave’s team to create a label that incorporated every flavor as they could then check off which flavor product the bag contained. This allowed the start up company to save money by printing matte finished stickers, ultimately saving them money in their budget and to grow in their presence by reinvestment.


Tea Merchant


Weed Company